Loyalty Card


Once you register for an account through the app you will automatically be issued a virtual loyalty card. To give you a warm welcome, you'll be credited 10 points as a welcome gift!

For every £1 you spend via the app you will be issued 4 loyalty points. Points are valid for 12 months from date of issue. Once you reach 100 points, this will be converted to £1 which will be redeemable at the bar.

Although you can currently collect points via app orders, the ability to redeem points via the app is currently not available

To redeem any money on your card you will need to visit the bar to place your order to then use your credit.

Once the ability to redeem via the app is available we will update you via this page, but in the meantime please visit the bar to redeem!

Points and any credit converted from points are valid for 12 months from date of issue so don't forget to redeem your credit often in order to not lose it!

Points can only be collected via app orders and not orders made at the bar.


Please Note

Some customers who have been a loyalty card holder before 15/04/2023 may notice that some of their points have expired prior to being able to redeem them at the bar. If you have had your loyalty card before this date and have lost points, please complete this form to have them re-activated. Customers who joined the scheme after 15/04/2023 are not eligible to have points re-activated but will have had their current points extended by 6 months in order to use them.